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Started by HendersonS, May 27, 2020, 08:00:24 AM

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We have been working with crystal reports in pxplus for the creation of reports for a long time and it worked very well, but with the updates of crystal Reports the integration with pxplus is more difficult.

so we started to use the Viewer for the reports, and we would like that the viewer will integrate the feature of exporting to excel, word, xml, etc. like pdf.

I think it would be very convenient and extremely useful if it could be export from the same viewer.

Mike King

Which viewer are you using?  Sounds like you are not using the PDF based viewer:

OPEN (Channel) "*PDF*;View; ... options..."


%PDF_DEFAULT$="Viewer" ! Force viewer to use PDF

This will create a temporary PDF file and launch the workstations defined PDF viewer to display it providing all the functionality that your PDF viewer has.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


thanks for reply, Thats could be a way,but a means to export natively from the original viewer just like crystal reports.


I remind you of this, I think it would be very useful!! , anyone that thinks the same, just like it !!