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Registration and Setup / Re: *EZWEB fails to start as a...
Last post by pwhirley - June 25, 2024, 10:53:30 AM
Thanks for the replies Loren, Stéphane and Mike.  I have tried using my account as the login and have tried setting up a new account and giving that account full control permissions to the PXPlus and app folders but I get the same problem.  I have also tried using NETWORK SERVICE as the logon with the same result.

The service *will* start, but it logs the TCP error mentioned earlier.  It uses a license and when I try to run my app, I get the iNOMADS admin page.  This implies, to me, that EZWEB *is* running, but it will not run my app nor any of the iNOMADS transactions.

I have tried this on two separate Windows 11 workstations with same results.  The Winsock error happens every time and regardless of the user. 

Thanks again for any additional suggestions.

- Phil

Registration and Setup / Re: *EZWEB fails to start as a...
Last post by Mike King - June 24, 2024, 05:47:54 PM

I would suggest you try a different user -- either NETWORK SERVICE or a standard user on the system.

Mike King

Well, this just says that the pvxtcp.c (the module / library where the TCP layer of the interpreter is located, I suppose) is now on Devon's local SVN repo after 40+ years being on Mike's machine  ;)

Running services in Windows with the LocalSystem account has always been a major pain.

The underlying issue here is probably some security credentials as pointed out by Loren.
Make sure that the pxplus directory tree is accessible as this is probably somewhere in the lib sub-folders that PxPlus creates files for the web sessions
Registration and Setup / Re: *EZWEB fails to start as a...
Last post by Loren Doornek - June 24, 2024, 10:34:24 AM
Are you running the service as LocalSystem or LocalService?  The LocalService is very restricted while the LocalSystem basically has full access to the machine, but it accesses the network with machine credentials instead of user credentials, so that might be the issue.  I would try running the service with a user account just to see if it works that way.
Registration and Setup / Re: *EZWEB fails to start as a...
Last post by pwhirley - June 24, 2024, 10:06:18 AM
Thanks Stéphane, that was helpful.   I'm now seeing a Winsock error:
Jun 24 09:53:04 [*ezweb\server:356] Starting *ezweb/server (PID:6048)
Jun 24 09:53:08 [*ezweb\server:423] [TCP][Winsock]Error status:0 (-1:<Unk>) (PID:6048)
Jun 24 09:53:08 [*ezweb\server:423] OS Cmnd Err: [TCP][Winsock]Error status:0 (-1:<Unk>) (C:\Users\Devon\workspace\repos\development_svnpxp\pvxplus\pvxexe\pvxtcp.c @ 888) (PID:6048)

It is interesting that I don't get such an error when running from command prompt.  Perhaps Devon can shed light since the error references his repo.

Even with the error, the service appears to start, but when I attempt to use the app in the browser *EZWEB returns the message:
"We're sorry, the system security settings are restricting access to this session."

This makes me think that there is some security restriction for the local system account that I'm missing.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Phil

You could try to create the *ezweb/logs directory and see if EZWEB logs any error message in it
Registration and Setup / *EZWEB fails to start as a Win...
Last post by pwhirley - June 23, 2024, 10:55:16 AM
I've got a Webster+ application which runs fine either on port 80 or port 8088 on two different machines as long as I start it from the shortcut or command prompt.
I really want to start it as a service, so I have gone through the Windows service installation.  I first tried using port 8088 but when I installed the service, it would not start.  It begins the start process then just quits.  There are no errors logged.  I tried changing to port 80 and the service starts, but when I try to run the application using LOCALHOST/?pg$=mystartpage it gives me a security warning telling me that perhaps I'm using a different browser or my browser blocks cookies.  Neither of these is true.
I need to run this with the Local System Account and I have made sure that SYSTEM has permission to all the necessary folders.
I do not have nor need an SSL certificate.

Any suggestions about what could be going wrong here? 

Thanks - Phil
Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
Last post by Stéphane Devouard - June 22, 2024, 04:52:25 AM
Sorry for the late response, been away for a few days

I agree with all of the above

On the new blood attractiveness of the language, I had the bad luck of one year of unemployment with the good luck of a web development training funded by the french unemployment agency. I learned PHP, Javascript, Java / C# programming. And refreshed / upgraded my OOP knowledge.

Youngbloods can download PHP, Java or C# on their machine and start programming straight away without paying anything. They don't have to re-init ACTIVATE.PVX with a demo key after 30 days, and they don't have to consider paying a license if they want to test their app with data files above 5000 records.

Youngbloods are shown code editors and IDEs such as VScode, Eclipse, Jetbrain's PHPStorm, etc... So they may be a bit surprised when they see *IT, a little less when they see ED+. Don't show them *e :) The new PxPlus VScode extension in the last PxPlus version is great. However it's limited to PxPlus for Windows at the moment. The great thing with VScode is that it exists for Windows, Linux with GUI and MacOS.

Youngbloods are shown web frameworks that speed up development, often with concepts such as convention over configuration. You put your code in a convention-named script in a convention-based directory, and the framework picks it up by itself when reacting to an URL. No such framework in PxPlus. Because you have to pay for a development license, you want to protect the code and in-house framework you write for your needs. No such thing as open-source in PxPlus, so no ecosystem of ready-to-use modules / libraries. No such thing as PHP's Composer, Python's PIP, Javascript/NodeJS yarn/npm etc... For those not knowing what this is, basically these are package managers, where you can add to your projects/apps external libraries created by others and shared through open-source licenses.

Youngbloods are taught OOP concepts. PxPlus OOP model exists but is a bit different from standard : no 'protected' visibility, no static (=class) members only instance members, no interfaces (another way of implementing inheritance). So even if they know OOP, they have an additional learning curve to get used to PxPlus OOP paradigm.

Youngbloods are taught SQL for data persistence. KEYED files and ISAM b-trees are not concepts you learn nowadays. They have to learn READ/FIND/WRITE/REMOVE/KEY() and understand that they cannot expect a DB engine to optimize their query, they have to know how the files are structured, and they have to join related files in their code. They do not even know about semantic primary keys (customer code, product sku,...), as nowadays everyone design their DB schemas with auto-incrementing integers as primary keys.

I am not saying you shouldn't use PxPlus. I am just describing the difficulties that newcomers to the language may encounter, because I've seen "the other side" after 30 years of Business Basic.

On the other hand, re-developping an app with mainstream languages & framework requires that you re-skill your existing staff on the new technology stack you choose, which takes much more than a few weeks of courses to be productive and efficient. And of course, you cannot freeze your existing code base, so the functional gap keeps widening as you re-develop the app.

IMHO, we PxPlus developers are not to be afraid of AI yet. Generative AIs create source code by analysing and borrowing the petabytes of web pages, blogs and forums where people post code in mainstream languages. There is no such thing in PxPlus. So far I haven't been able to run any of the "PxPlus" code generated by ChatGPT in a pxplus.exe instance :)

My 0.02€
Programming / Re: Why use PVX?
Last post by Cedric - June 20, 2024, 05:06:31 PM
Thanks everyone for the responses! 

General Announcements / DireXions+ 2024
Last post by RyanWatt - June 20, 2024, 02:49:59 PM
As you know it has been almost 5 years since our last DireXions+ Conference.

We are looking forward to sharing the following details:
•   PVX Plus's changes in the last 5 years
•   Our vision for the business
•   Showcasing the latest versions of PxPlus
•   What to expect as a valued customer
•   Group sessions plus individual tracks
•   Opportunities to reconnect with the PVX Plus community

Please see below for details:

Venue: The Westin Harbour Castle, 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON, M5J 1A6, (416) 869-1600

Date: Monday 09/30/2024 - Wednesday 10/02/2024

Time commitment:
•   Day 1: Registration 1:00pm, Introduction 4:00pm
•   Dinner: 6:00pm onwards
•   Day 2: Full day sessions: 8 am-5 pm
•   Evening event: 6 pm onwards
•   Day 3: Morning sessions and wrap up: 8 am-1 pm
•   Afternoon individual meetings upon request
•   Light lunch will be provided

Travel Costs – to be paid by attendee
Hotel Fee – $409 CAD per night, plus taxes and fees (13% HST and 6% MAT tax)
Conference Registration Fee – $200 for primary attendee and $100 for each additional attendee

Early-bird Discount: 50% discount for conference fee if booked by July 30, 2024

Register here

Should you have any questions please contact Manjit Shairgill at

We are looking forward to seeing you at DireXions+ 2024!