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Author Topic: Launch PxPlus with -S  (Read 520 times)


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Launch PxPlus with -S
« on: July 15, 2021, 03:40:30 PM »
Ignore this. I coldn' delete. Missing inittab file.

I have to have 2 instances of the inittab emulator running on a server.  I hacked the winutl/service program to change the name of the service from PxPlusInit to PxPlusInitA and also changed the long name.  I see in the registry that the image is \pathtopvx\pxplus.exe -s PxPlusInit93. (normally for the first install that is just PxPlusInit).  This service will not start and stay running. I can find now documentation on the -s switch, but I suspect the name PxPlusInit93 is what is doing me in.  Any insight appreciated.
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