Suggestions for Cloud servers provider?

Started by Cedric, March 23, 2021, 05:09:29 PM

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Greetings fellow Pvx programmers,

I'm wondering if you guys had a suggestion for a Cloud server provider?  I know there's high end providers like IbmCloud, AWS, Google, etc.. These are probably the safest to consider, but since PVX is so light, I was thinking maybe using Digital Ocean?  Anyone is using them in development and/or production environment?

We currently own our servers that are hosted in a bunker.  The servers are starting to get old and cost a lot to maintain (warranty and services) and the bunker is crazy expensive as well.  Digital Ocean is so cheap that I wonder how reliable and good they are.

Anyone has an opinion or suggestion?


Allen Miglore

We use both AWS and Ionos, without any performance or reliability issues.

Mike King

Our various web sites are hosted between two service providers -- Godaddy and HostPapa. The Forum and Helpdesk are on GoDaddy, the main website and all online functions (keys, regsitration, etc) are on HostPapa.

We likely will be moving off GoDaddy in the future as the data is being kept outside of Canada and we have had really exceptional service from HostPapa -- better than GoDaddy although I don't really have any complaints with them.

We also run a small demo site and project management software on an Inhouse server using our office fiber optic connection.

Now all of these are for Web sites (i.e. Web server or iNomads) and not for servers that may be running applications or development using WindX or RDP -- so the comparison may not appropriate depending on what you are looking for.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting


OK, thanks guys... Will have a look! 

For now, my main goal is to build a test environment in a cloud (web server and ERP server). But eventually, I'd like to move everything, including productions servers in the cloud for many reasons.

mike motz

have small web site, but use..
VPS2 SSD Virtual Private Server Storage 30 GB $10/mo
have 544 players/emails that are signed up (only 1 club actively using site)
have 36 background pvx tasks running, 6 user license, speed is good.