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Title: Why doesn't *win/registry not find some Windows Registry entries
Post by: PxPlus on May 31, 2018, 09:16:18 AM
When using the PxPlus program *win/registry to read the Windows registry it may be necessary to provide which registry you want to access.
The calling sequence for the *win/registry program is:

Code: [Select]
CALL "*win/registry", Category$, Key$, Field$, Data$, Type, Registry

64 Bit Windows actually contains two registries, one for 32 bit programs and one for 64 bit programs.  Generally updates to one will automatically be applied to the other but in some instances OS controlled values will exist in only one of the two registries.

Since PxPlus it is a 32 bit program, it accesses the 32 bit registry by default.  Because of this, if you are looking to read a registry entry that only exists in the 64 bit registry you will need to specify 64 in the Registry field to obtain the values.