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Started by PxPlus, December 01, 2023, 05:12:00 PM

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All of us at PVX Plus Technologies would like to express our best wishes to the King's as they embark on their new stage of life. We will miss the constant presence of Mike's innovative genius and Rosalba's impeccable organization that have guided us throughout the years. We wish you much success in your new endeavours, and we are also looking forward to connecting with you in the role of consultants.

In March of this year, PVX Plus was sold to Jonas Software. Jonas Software was the right choice as they offer the most solid foundation to support the continued growth of PVX Plus Technologies over the long term. PVX Plus Technologies will continue to develop and enhance the language and toolset. Our dedicated and engaged team is currently working on the next release scheduled for May 2024.  We will continue to offer new releases designed to enhance our customers applications and solve your pain points.

In addition to our team of experienced developers staying with the company, we are pleased to announce that our team is growing. In the past couple of months, we have added two new team members and are in the process of hiring a third. 

We look forward to working in collaboration with our customers to understand and solve your challenges.

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The PVX Team