PxPlus 2023 is now available for download

Started by Mike King, May 24, 2023, 11:59:32 AM

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Mike King

PVX Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the release of PxPlus 2023(v20). This major release consists of numerous new features, customer-suggested enhancements, and usability improvements, as well as a number of corrections and minor changes.

Key highlights of PxPlus 2023, include:

  • Improved overall application security by adding Two-Factor Authentication that can be used with either SMS or email in both Nomads and iNomads. This now matches the capabilities already available in Webster+.

  • New capabilities in Webster+ include support for Tree Views, List Box pagination, and Chart drill down. The ability to share common security files with Nomads and iNomads has also been added, allowing users access to both Webster+ and iNomads applications from a single logon.

  • Simplified database access for ODBC, MySql, Oracle, ADO and DB2 with the ability to directly create and maintain file prefixes and link files.

  • Integrate PxPlus with non-PxPlus databases using various new tools and utilities designed to import and maintain links to external databases. Many of these new tools will also work on native PxPlus data files, making Data Dictionary maintenance easier than ever before.

  • The IDE has been enhanced to better handle projects and associated control files. In addition, it is now easier to use the IDE over the Web, via any Internet browser or iNomads. Non-Windows development shops can now also use the IDE.

  • Wiki pages can now be created dynamically for both your Nomads and Webster+ pages from information stored in the PxPlus Data Dictionary. This new feature makes it easy to generate and provide consistent online documentation for applications with a minimum amount of effort.

  • The Remote Process server has had a major overhaul so that it can now be used to provide background access to workstation devices and resources. This is key in the development of Web-based applications where local access is needed.

Catch our PxPlus 2023 preview video at https://videos.pvxplus.com/2023/pxplus-intro.mp4 and check out the complete overview of all the new features at http://www.pvxplus.com/whatsnew.
Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting
eMail: mike.king@bbsysco.com