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Cannot access demo site


Stéphane Devouard:
I'm trying to access the Webster+ demo site
I enter my email address on the testdrive page
I clicked on the link in the email received, and get to a page with a red box saying
Unable to detect demo site redirection cookie on your brower

Thanks for any help

Mike King:
Likely your entry have expired.  The sites are only good for a few weeks.

Try clearing your cookies for the demo site when you get the error message, then re-requesting a site.

Stéphane Devouard:

I have done that (using the lock on the address bar to access the cookies and deleting it for
Unfortunately it did not resolve the issue -- after I re-requested a site and clicked the link in the email, I got the same error message


Stéphane Devouard:

I tried with a different browser (Firefox instead of Chrome) and email address (pro instead of personal), which I never used previously on the webster test site
After clearing the cookies for the site and retrying the link in the email it worked


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