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text/html encoding is coming thru as attachment


Jeffrey Ferreira:
I use the *web\email encoding all the time.
I'm working on a client using pxplus 10.2
and when i do a text/html encoding and i create the body of email as standard html it keeps coming thru as an attchment

it happens when i send to my gmail and outlook.
does anyone have any ideas?



Jeffrey Ferreira:
I made a mistake in my encoding variable please ignore.

Devon Austen:
There should be no reason for HTML to go through as an attachment. Is it possible your call to *web/email has some of the arguments mixed up or not set correctly?

the 7th argument is message$ and should be something like "<html><head><title>..</html>"

The 8th argument is attachment$ and should be ""

The 13th argument is bodyencoding$ and should be "text/html"


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