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Using INVOKE with Windx on remote RDP users

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I'm new to setting up windx on remote RDP and need help.  I'm testing demo PXPlus Base on a 'cloud' Windows Server 2019 with our users logging in via remote RDP.  I also installed Windx on the Windows Server 2019 to use with *nthost.

Each user has their own presented RDP desktop.  On the first user's RDP desktop I created a Windx shortcut to run our start up program and it runs ok.  The INVOKE in *nthost brings up a windx screen on this user's rdp desktop like I want, and runs our code ok.  Except when our program executes INVOKE to open a freeware notepad- the notepad appears on the server desktop, not the user's RDP desktop where I want it to appear.

Usually I'm setting up nthost or cs on local PC's on a LAN.  What am I doing wrong or need to change with the RDP desktops?  The way our code works is that it will open the freeware notepad by pc name location, so that notepad, installed on each LAN PC, appears on the windx PC that invoked it.  Our code:


This is not working for rdp desktop.  I can also just use notepad.exe and not the freeware.  How to have the code recognize the rdp user and invoke on that user's desktop?  Thanks.

Mike Flemmer

St├ęphane Devouard:

Many moons ago, I was using env("clientname") to identify workstations in Citrix/TSE environments
You may want to try it and see if that works for you



I would be suspicious of how your %LPC_COMPUTERNAME$ is being set. Assuming that you *always* want the notepad or freeware on the client PC you can detect wdx with this code: IF MID(MSE,22,1)>$00$ AND MID(MSE,22,1)<$FF$.  If this is not $00$ or $ff$ then you are on windx.  You could also test by connect from RDP and just issue your invoke with no conditional and see where the notepad launches.


Thanks for the replies.  I will try those suggestions when I can.  Right now I have limited time to work on it as they have to use our software during the day. 

This is the only customer I believe that is running remote desktop in desktop mode, and INVOKE works ok in our current software in ProvdeX 5.0.  Just not in demo PxPlus.  However I have another customer running PxPlus using RDP in program app mode, and INVOKE works ok using RDP that way.

I haven't tested RDP in program app mode yet because the tech didn't know how to set it up for me.  I might have it today.

Mike King:
Have you tried the following:

(where XXXXXX is the name of the Executable you want to run)

Basically with PxPlus you can prefix the INVOKE command string with "[lcl]" and if the system is running WindX the command will be routed to the WindX to run. 

Now you have to make sure the program have been installed on the workstation (or in your case the workstation RDP environment) and that you have the correct pathname / PATHing rules.


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