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License seats requirement calculation


I'm trying to determine how many licenses of which type to purchase, but am not sure how they are consumed.

We have multiple processes that run from Task Scheduler every day.  They are all started on the server and run as the same user.  I believe these will altogether use 1 license.

We have iNOMADS running from IIS.  The usage is very light, typically only one person logs on to the website at a time.  I think this will use 2 wayfarer licenses.  At what point do we need to bump up the number of Wayfarer licenses? Is it just a matter of of performance because a single license can only handle one task at a time?

Right now we're using Pro licenses for development and to run the scheduled tasks, but we do not use PVXPlus SQL nor ODBC, so I think we can accomplish the same thing with Base licenses.  Is there a way to determine exactly what features we will loses if we move to Base licenses instead of Pro?  Will the Base license support the Wayfarer licenses running iNOMADS?

Thanks - Phil

Mike King:

Any number of background tasks run from the scheduler can be run at a time without impacting the user counts.  The only requirement is that on Windows you include the -bkg option on the command line which disables any keyboard input or screen displays (i.e they are truly background processes).

As for iNomads, the user count determines the number of Browsers that can connect concurrently.  A 2 user Wayfarer license, for example, will allow two browsers to connect to the server.  The browsers can themselves spawn multiple sessions as long as they run from the same browser.  If the user uses two different browsers (or embedded browser controls) then they will be considered two users.

PxPlus has four types of licenses; Base, Pro, Web and Wayfarer.

With the current version of PxPlus, Base licenses include almost everything that is found in a Pro license except ODBC and WindX. iNomads is included with a Web or Wayfarer license.  A Wayfarer license is a Base license with iNomads enabled that disables program editing.

For information regarding your specific licenses, please contact your reseller.

Thanks Mike,
I believe that answers my questions.


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