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Spacing Between Lines


James Zukowski:
Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the line spacing in a list_box? (Maybe a grid, too?)

We're looking for something like a leading setting that would increase readability. I know we can set the list'LinesPerRow to something like 1.1 or 1.25, but that also enables text wrap, which we don't really want.

I've seen this behavior in the Nomads designer, where it's normally a bit spaced, but if the designer errors out and I restart it, the lines are cramped together.


Mike King:
Have you tried the 'rowheight property?
Try this:

--- Code: ---0010 LET x=10
0020 LIST_BOX x,@(5,5,17,10),OPT="r",FMT="[Name]8 [Type]8",SEP=","
0030 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Puss and Boots,Cat"
0040 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Marmaduke,Dog"
0050 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Piggly Wiggly,Pig"
0060 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Dumbo,Elephant"
0070 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Scrooge McDuck,Duck"
0080 LIST_BOX LOAD x,0,"Mickey,Mouse"
0090 LET x'Rowheight=1.5

--- End code ---

James Zukowski:
No, I had not. It's not on the list of list_box properties. But it works exactly as we need it.



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