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Message (Status) Bar Height


James Zukowski:
We use the Status Bar to provide certain info to the users. We also allow them to re-scale the window size in specified increments. When the window is resized, we also reset the 'option'("MessageBar".##) value, along with the segment sizes, all scaled to the new window size. The "problem" is that the new MessageBar information doesn't take effect until either another program is run, or the window is manually minimized/restored.
Is there something I'm missing, or is that "just the way it is", or can something be done about it?

Mike King:
Generally the Windows font size and thus the toolbar and message bar sizes are static throughout an application thus the system only checks the size when required. 

The size is not maintained by window but for all windows on a session thus changing it for one window could adversely impact other windows already created.

James Zukowski:
I understand that, and am taking advantage of that behavior to be able to scale our Nomads windows (paralleling our legacy text-based windows).
Also, it seems that the Status bar typically goes away on a newly-Maximized window. Sometimes, though, it appears slightly above the taskbar, a few pixels into the window.
While not critical, it does look a bit inconsistent from the user perspective.
Suggestions welcome.


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