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James Zukowski:
I noticed the manual page on Link File Extensions that may help us in future upgrades. We're in the process of a big upgrade from v13 (*nthost/*ntslave) to v17 (SimpleCS), with a server simultaneous upgrade. Having about 100 user PCs across the country, we'd like to minimize the manual intervention needed, at least in the future.

Has anyone used this feature? Does is work well for you? The page also mentions the WindX Connection Manager, with a link to usage instructions, but I don't see how to launch it. Pointers?

Thanks all!

Devon Austen:
Check out the last section in the documentation you linked to "Invocation". It describes how to launch from a shortcut. If you want to launch it from a program or the command line you can just run the "launcher" program found in the WindX directory. You can also launch it from the IDE, expand the CLient/Server node and select" Launch Workstation"

Mike King:

There is a write up on the 'Link" files in the online documentation which can be found here.

Another similar solution is if your users are connecting via Simple Client Server or SSH is to provide them a web shortcut which would look something like this:

For Simple CS:

Or for SSH:

You can create Windows shortcuts (.url files) for these and have them put it on their desktop.

More information on the windx: link can be found here.

James Zukowski:
Thanks for the clarification. I'm so used to only working with server-side programs, the fact that "launcher" was client-side only didn't click. I've got the Connection Manager running now, though I'm not yet sure how much it will do for us in the future.

It's just taken a little time to wrap my head around some of the ways the process works. I've read through it multiple times, but until I actually saw it "in action", I wasn't getting it. With the Connection Manager "connection", I think we've got something that will keep us going.
The web shortcut sounds intriguing, but would require a LOT of additional work on our end to get the registries updated, etc. Going with a desktop shortcut to the .windx file looks like the quickest, easiest, and most direct route.

Thanks, all, for the help!

Mike King:

You don't have to worry about the registry entries -- they get created automatically when a user installs WindX. 

So once they have installed WindX all they need is the URL.


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