PDF port range?

Started by MikeinFL, March 16, 2020, 12:20:13 AM

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What port range do I need to open in the server firewall to allow remote pdf printing?   

I have nthost set on 20000-21999 and ntslave remote (rdp) works ok except pdf does not open unless I open firewall ports 59000-65000.    v16.10.0000

Mike Hatfield

Apologies if I'm over stepping but....Wow, I don't know about Adobe Ports but if you are saying all those ports are open to the outside world I'd be seriously looking at Simple Client Server.
That's an open invitation to get hacked.
The company insurers would not be happy if a more secure installation was possible and not implemented.
It's very easy to change from WindX to CS.
You only need a single port open that you can lock down.
Just my 10cents
Mike H

Mike King

I have to strongly concur with Mike Hatfield --- NTHost was designed over 20 years ago to address the need to run a Client Server style application on Windows NT.  At that time the issues of network security did not exist as most networks were in house only.

We strongly recommend you use *plus/cs/host|client instead of NTHost which will use only a single port making configuration and security much simpler.

That being said, when outputting/viewing PDF files the system will spawn a new process and that (when using NThost) will use a dynamically allocated port provided by the system.  This generally falls in the 50K to 64K range.

Mike King
President - BBSysco Consulting
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I will stick to Simple Client, thanks