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html character translation from forum to outlook


Mike Hatfield:
Some characters do not (don't) translate correct in the email digest to Outlook 2016
EG Apostophe in the abbreviated will not (won't) displays as won't
How can I fix this?


By digest do you mean the daily/weekly email digests as per your setting on your board profile or the RSS feed?

If the RSS feed, I have checked the contents of the feed and it is correct and displays properly on OUtlook 2010, FireFox and Thunderbird.  If this is what you are referring to the issue is likely with Outlook 2016. This may be the problem you are having -- mind you there doesn't appear to be a solution:

Mike Hatfield:
Yes, The digest email. I am using 32 bit Outlook. I have seen the article you referenced but as you said it is intended for 64 bit. 

I added a screen shot of the digest email in my outlook 2016.

Mike King:
Mike, the problem is with Outlook so it would have to be fixed by Microsoft.  What we send is correct and works on other versions of Outlook and other products.

BTW If you look at the last entry on the link I sent it indicates the same happens with the 32bit version.


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