Using Dynamic Control Properties

Started by PxPlus, June 22, 2018, 04:31:38 PM

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Dynamic data controls and dynamic data classes were introduced in PxPlus 2018.   Using Dynamic control properties in your application is an effective way to speed up new development.  More importantly, when future enhancements are required, applying these changes to your application will be less invasive.

How to Create Dynamic Control Properties

  • In Data Class Definition, create a new data class and enter the desired properties.   When data class is saved it is automatically created as "dynamic".   Dynamic data classes are available for multi-lines, drop boxes, list boxes and check boxes.  Dynamic properties for each data class are identified with an "*".

  • In NOMADS bring up the panel(s) and access the properties for the specific control.   In the Class field, enter the data class or select it from the Query.  Note:  You can only select a data class that is specific to that control type.

  • All the information from the data class entered will be copied to the control.   In addition, certain control properties are created as dynamic automatically, as indicated by the "Dynamic" setting and by the %nomad'class (field) object property which is locked.  Note:  The settings for individual dynamic properties can be overridden at any time for each control. 
At run time, the values for the dynamic control properties will be rendered based on the contents of the data class.
Once the data class is entered for the control, future changes are only required at the data class level.

How to Convert Existing Data Classes and Controls to Dynamic Properties

  • In Data Class Definition, bring up the appropriate data class and select the Dynamic check box and make any additional modifications as required.

  • In NOMADS, bring up the appropriate panel(s) and access the properties for the specific control.   The Dynamic Class checkbox is selected, indicating that the data class is dynamic.

  • To make the control dynamic, select the Reapply Data Class button beside the Class field.   When the message displays, respond Yes to copy the current information from the data class to the control properties and make the appropriate properties dynamic.
In a future release, this process of converting controls to dynamic will be available using the Library Bulk Edit utility.

Go to Dynamic Control Properties to learn more about this new PxPlus 2018 feature.