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Started by Ria, April 04, 2019, 08:35:30 AM

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For a client with  pxplus 12.5 I'm using *web/email for outgoing mail. They recently switched to Office 365  for their mail.
I changed the smtp variabele. Now it contains '; 587; userid; password'.
The errormessage that is returned says 'Sending to SMTP Server Failed; (274): Unable to move mail to sent folder (274).
No e-mail is sent.
What am I doing wrong ?

Devon Austen

According to the documentation ( it looks like requires TLS1.2 or above.

As you are using PxPlus 2014 (v12.5) if you are using a Windows PxPlus the version of OpenSSL used should support TLS1.2. If you are using a UNIX/Linux PxPlus then the openSSL version used is whatever comes with the OS and you will need to check to make sure it is at least 1.0.1.

Other things I would look for are if you need to change any settings for the mail account to allow 3rd party access to send emails. The docs above don't mention any setting but we have seen this for some mail services.

You may also want to make sure a firewall is not blocking port 587 on your network.
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Jim Morton

Here is a site for checking SMTP settings and trying various combinations to find something that works.

This has been a great troubleshooting tool for me.

Jim Morton