Weeknumbers in multiline-calendar

Started by koenv, September 05, 2023, 09:59:48 AM

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Would it be possible in the future to add weeknumbers to the calendar you get add to multilines, just like in Outlook? See attachment for example.


Its possible we could look at this however the issue with week numbers is what is week 1. 
Is it the week that contains Jan 1, the week with the first Monday (or Sunday) in the year...

Different systems use different starting weeks.


I was expecting Outlook to use the regional settings in Windows, but it looks like the regional settings only has a first day of the week option.

Outlook has it's own "first week of the year" setting which defaults to "first week with 4 days". Possibly based on other regional settings such as my country?

Thomas Bock

I think ISO 8601 can help here.
If you add a week to the calendar, then it is important to handle the weeks 52, 53 and 1 correctly.


Apparently ISO8601 weeknumbers are not always a thing outside of Europe (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Week#Other_week_numbering_systems).

Since the calendar / datepicker looks like a Windows control I was hoping Windows could just take care of it, somehow.