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Wish List / Re: Forum search too strict
July 12, 2024, 12:13:37 PM
The new rule was the default after the update. I have fixed it to no limit.
Are you trying to login to the Google Sheets object using the service account credentials (i.e. client id and secret)?

If the issue is during login() then you can already access that code. The *obj/GoogleSheets object uses the *obj/oauth2 object for authentication with oAuth2'Service$="google" set. The code for *obj/oauth2 is visible so you can walk though it and modify it. The object does call a oauth2 agent that runs on a web server this is by default pointing at one we run on our server but you can point it at your own copy and we provide the code for our version in the lib *web/services/oauth2/agent. More info about that object can be found here:
When you setup Google sheets API access that has granted you access to your spreadsheets but not to spreadsheets created by others and shared with you. So you can only access your own sheets via *obj/GoogleSheets.

This is a Google security decision and not up to us at PVX Plus Technologies.

If you want to access this shared spreadsheet via *obj/GoogleSheets then you need to have API access to that shared spreadsheet. Here is a article I found discussing this issue with some ideas.

Language / Re: PxPlus *browser patch level
June 03, 2024, 05:11:16 PM
Hi Mike,

We update the version of embedded Chromium we use with the major version releases each year. For PxPlus 2024 this updated embedded chromium to 123.0.12.

Unfortunately these exploits are not that unusual. Chrome regularly has exploits found and reported in a similar way that the US government mandates an update for. Going through this list you can see that along with the 4 in May, there was 1 in February, 2 in January, 1 in November, 1 in October, 1 in September, etc etc.

Not all of these exploits may affect the embedded version of Chromium. Also how the embedded version is used may mean it is not as much of a risk since it is generally loading known websites or local HTML files.

With the patch level in PxPlus 2024 all exploits are fixed except for the ones reported in May.

We will continue to update with every release to cover all the exploits throughout the year. We look to find a balance between staying current with annual updates but not updating too frequently.

If these exploits are of a particular concern it should be possible to download the latest embedded chromium DLLs and copy over the DLLs included in the release but you would have to do testing as this was not tested.

Pick the standard distribution download for your version of PxPlus 32-bit or 64-bit:
ODBC / Re: ODBC with latest MS Excel
May 09, 2024, 08:03:51 AM
Hi Mike,

The newer option "From Other Sources->From ODBC" will show PxPlus ODBC data sources and you can use it to get at your data. The only exception being if you are using a version of PxPlus ODBC driver older than version 6.
Programming / Re: To ERR 65 or not to err 65
May 07, 2024, 11:14:26 AM
Both version 12.5 and version 20 normally return a error 65 if you try to use a control handle already in use.

Your PxPlus 12.5  likely has something in the START_UP that is making it ignore the error.

I would compare the START_UP of both versions and you may find your answer there.
ODBC / Re: ODBC Service Crashing
April 26, 2024, 09:40:14 AM
The crash is happening in a Microsoft Windows DLL: ntdll.dll.

Is this only happening on this one Windows system?

Is it reproducible on other systems?
Programming / Re: strange error 61
April 16, 2024, 07:52:52 AM
One of the reasons for a error 61 is:

   •  When using WindX, remote access ('WindX authorization') has been denied.

Is this running via WindX?

If so make sure you have your WindX Security setup correctly to not deny access.

For info about WindX security check here:
ODBC / Re: ODBC output from UPS Worldship
February 21, 2024, 10:30:45 AM
I am not sure what application you are using that is interfacing with the PxPlus ODBC driver, so I can only make guesses.

It seems it is generating a insert with parameters to allow users to specify the insert values.

I don't know if that is supported for insert and update.

I tested a similar INSERT here with a newer version and I get a parameter missing error or a parameter not supported error when I try it not the errors you report.

Maybe prevent the ODBC client application from using parameters for this insert and have it specify the values if possible.

ODBC / Re: slowing down an ODBC query
February 20, 2024, 03:29:31 PM
The PxPlus SQL ODBC driver has some options that may help.

Goto the Options tab of the DSN setup page for the PxPlus ODBC client install. There you will find two options that may help.

Dirty Read - Check box for Dirty Read mode of operation to skip the normal file consistency checks.

                   Dirty reads can speed file processing by reducing the number of locks issued against a file. However, this may result in inconsistent data should the file be updated while being read by
                   the PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver.

Burst mode - Check box to enable Burst mode. This helps reduce some of the overhead created by temporary locks.

                      With Burst mode set, the PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver locks the file header for either 50 file operations or three-tenths of a second, whichever occurs first. This decreases the number of
                      times the file must be locked and the number of times that internal buffers may need to be reloaded. Refer to the next paragraph below for an explanation on the effect of temporary

I suspect dirty reads may be of the most help to you.
ODBC / Re: odbc let connect but not accept user login
February 12, 2024, 08:12:09 AM
From the documentation:

Quoteon Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 systems and passwords will not be validated and should not be used.

I think that you just need to leave the password field blank based on the documentation.
Does the file INTERNETITEM have records in it?

Does the fields defined for INTERNETITEM match the IOL used in your program?
ODBC / Re: catalog on odbc
February 05, 2024, 08:16:20 AM
Make sure the Server Name or IP, port, and catalog fields are empty. If accessing local data they should not have a value because you don't need to connect to the server. Then make sure you define the path to the Data Dictionary on the first tab.

If you still have issues you can reply to this post with your connection string (found on the debug tab). That may help us understand the issue. Just make sure to strip out and usernames and passwords.

Please try to avoid creating multiple posts for the same topic. I will delete the other posts to avoid confusion.
Is the channel number for a open file in the variable INTERNETITEM of is the name of the file INTERNETITEM. If that is the name of the file you are just missing quotes in the select statement


Hi Jon,

When debugging a Webster issue the first step is to hover over the red highlighted section on the page. The tool tip will give you error information which will help you figure out your issue.

I believe your issue is that your page does not have a [form] and the grid needs to be in a [form].

You also need to add


right under the MAKEGRID: line

This is how the grid program can pass back the handle to the grid memory file.

So try this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
[grid MyGrid program="myprog.pxp;makegrid" size=auto/20 ]
[col Source=ItemCode$ ttl="ItemCode" width=30 ]
[col Source=ItemName$ ttl="Name" width=50]
[col Source=ItemType$ ttl="Type" width=2]

! myprog.pxp

Normally you would have a program= in the [form] to specify the program to run when form is submitted and that would handle any events on the page.

For information on the use of the form see here:

For the need for the ENTER you can see the program= short code documentation here:

It looks like we need to update the example on the Using Grids in Webster+ documentation page to include the ENTER statement as that is missing.