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Author Topic: How keep images included in wording of emails sent using *WEB/emails  (Read 281 times)

Sonia Cruz

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Good Morning,

How can keep images integrated in wording of emails sent automatically to multiples recipients using *WEB/emails, in both windows and linux platforms?  In my tests (sending to my email addresses)  I can download images/pictures (.jpg format, for example) without problems, but not the different recipients, they cannot do the same when they do receive the emails.  Please, let me know how can resolve this situation.   

Thanks in advance!


Sonia Cruz
Torres CPA Group

Devon Austen

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Re: How keep images included in wording of emails sent using *WEB/emails
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2020, 11:26:43 AM »
Hi Sonia,

Check out the documentation for *web/email, there is a section on embedding images.


The most compatible way is to host the image on the web and to include a img tag pointing to the web image in the email.

The other methods work on some but not all e-mail clients and require PxPlus 2020 for full support.
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