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Five part Live in 30 Demo


Part 1 - Introduction
This is the introduction to the Live in 30 Demonstration that shows you how to take data from a spreadsheet into a online web application is around 30 minutes using PxPlus.

The demo is broken in to 5 parts to make viewing easier

Part 2 - The Application
In this section we convert and load the spreadsheet data into a PxPlus table then create a file maintenance program to manage it.

Part 3 - On the Web
In this section we setup the application within iNomads and run it on a browser.

Part 4 - The Global template
In this section we will define an iNomads template called 'Global' which we will apply to the application in order to enhance its web appearance.

Part 5 - Bells and Whistles
In this section we will adding product sales information and charting to the application.


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