Stretchable Embedded Panel

Started by Ron Klassen, November 06, 2022, 09:00:28 PM

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Ron Klassen

I have a 2 line stretchable colorized panel with no controls on it, that I want to stretch horizontally along the top line of the window, but no matter what I try it always stretches vertically instead. Any ideas?
The embedded panel is on the main panel.

Susan Cryderman

Hi Ron,

I tried creating an embedded panel with a rectangle shape control 2 lines high.  It did not work correctly when the embedded panel height was defined as 3 - but did work when the embedded panel was made higher (14 high).  Only the rectangle is embedded - but the height/width ratio is used when trying to compute  how to stretch the controls.

Hope this helps

Ron Klassen

Thanks Susan,

I was able to get it to work by doing this as well. It would be nice if there were options (horizontally, vertically or both) as to how the panel should stretch.