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ERROR 302 file not found


I do the following [tcp] GET from a web site and get an error 302 (file not found)
Here is the code I am using:
08120  LET R$="GET /download/update/ HTTP/1.0"+$0D0A$
08130  LET R$+="Accept-Language: en-us"+$0D0A$
08140  LET R$+="Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded"+$0D0A$
08150  LET R$+="Host:"+$0D0A$
08160  LET R$+="Content-Length: "+STR(LEN(PARAMS$))+$0D0A$
08170  LET R$+="Cache-Control: no-cache"+$0D0A$+$0D0A$
08180  CLOSE (1);
       OPEN (1,ERR=*NEXT)"[tcp];80";
       GOTO 8200
08190  MSGBOX "Unable to connect to the Upgrade Web Site.","Connection Failure","!,TIM=15";
       LET CMD_STR$="END";
08200  WRITE RECORD (1)R$;
       LET RESP$="",X$=""
08210  WHILE 1
08230  LET RESP$+=X$
08240  WEND
08250  CLOSE (1)

It should bring back the contents of file "index.html" but reports that it cannot find the file.
If I enter the full path to the website and directory in my browser it do get the contents of the "index.html" file.

any ideas on what can be wrong?

Loren Doornek:
Does it work if you actually include the filename in the URL?

08120  LET R$="GET /download/update/index.html HTTP/1.0"+$0D0A$


--- Quote from: Loren Doornek on March 25, 2024, 02:21:17 PM ---Does it work if you actually include the filename in the URL?

it does not work if i use the file name.

--- End quote ---

St├ęphane Devouard:

HTTP error 302 is not a file not found error but a redirect status

You should use the *plus/web/request http client instead, which will follow redirections


that worked... thanks.


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