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Different Listbox Row Heights with Accented Characters


James Zukowski:
We have a Report View listbox with 4 text lines per entry. When we include accented characters as part of a line, it breaks the line and we now have 5 text lines (see attached). If I translate the accented characters into un-accented characters, it's back to being a 4-line entry.

Is there an option I'm missing somewhere? Is this something with Windows or PxPlus and listboxes?

Suggestions welcome.

James Zukowski:
(Added un-accented listbox snip for comparison)

James Zukowski:
This also seems to cause a problem with descenders, too. In the latest example, is that "Hague" or "Haque"?

Does anyone know if this is PxPlus or Windows behavior? Is there some setting I'm not setting?


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