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Wish List / New TinyMCE editor
November 20, 2018, 06:19:02 AM
Could it be possible to include the new TinyMCE editor in the new version of PxPlus?
The new editor looks a lot better and has improved options, making us able to create professional looking and performing TinyMCE panels.
Wish List / Designing panels using pixels as measurement
September 17, 2018, 06:11:56 AM
Could it be possible to add the ability to design panels without line/column references but with pixels measurement tools?
Nomads / Re: Logic with Numeric Multi_lines
August 17, 2018, 03:14:50 AM
Hi James:

You've got a number of questions here;

1 I'm using a generated File Maint program to work on a file that has numeric fields in it. When I want to refer to these values in Logic procedures in a multi_line, I seem to get inconsistent results. Which of these should I actually use?
* Example; your multi_line is called 'number.ctl', then you can change the value like:  number=10, if number=12 then {}. number.ctl'value=10 is also possible, but not necessary.
  (Be sure to have "Auto refresh" turned on in the panel properties like Thomas mentioned.)

2 I want to be able to use the contents of that value (in this case a "Length") to determine the specifications for a different control.
Should I use a Numeric control for the file's numeric field? Or should I use num(Control$) and make it a non-Numeric control?

It depends what kind of number you want to save. If it's a phone number then you ill need to make the multi_line alpha numeric, is it's a total amount of items or the price of an item it's perhaps better to use a numeric variable.
Checking the length of a numeric field will be like the following; *example; a=1234, print len(str(a)) will show you "4".

Wether or not you save numbers in numeric or alpha-numeric fields is entirely up to you. If you want to calculate costs of items, or any other calculation I'd suggest you save it as a numeric field. If it's only plain data that needs to be printed like phone numbers or adress numbers you're better off saving them in alpha-numeric fields.

Hope that helps you.
Wish List / Re: Error on line in ED+
August 10, 2018, 09:39:18 AM
I see that the Chaos template does indeed highlight the column, which makes it easier to spot errors. I think that (maybe a softer colour red) would complement pretty much every theme by default, as it wouldn't compromise the other colours in the themes.
Wish List / Re: Disabled dropbox items
August 10, 2018, 06:21:28 AM
I know it's possible to to check which option was chosen and to compare it to options that are not allowed to choose, we already use this in certain cases.
I have had multiple clients come up with the question if this could be addressed, because they think it's annoying that they can choose the forbidden option in the first place.

If it's theoretically possible then the forbidden option could be greyed out, like disabled controls work as well.
Wish List / Autocomplete variables and subroutines
August 10, 2018, 05:57:47 AM
Could it be possible to auto-complete variables and subroutines while programming in ED+?
We found that the ACE editor does indeed support live autocompletion:
(fourth checkbox from below)

Could it be possible to add this as a setting in the ED+ editor? (autocompletion on/off)

Wish List / Error on line in ED+
August 10, 2018, 05:20:59 AM
When you have a bad line of code in the ED+ it this with a red cross icon in front of the line.
The icon is a good indicator, but it would be even better to add a red background or red letters for the bad line of code, so it's even more visible.
Wish List / ED+ max amount of program lines
August 10, 2018, 04:35:13 AM
The max amount of line number in ED+ is somewhere arround 1 million, which is pretty impressive.
However, when you hit the 1 million mark, the program freezes up and cannot be closed by normal means. It would be more user friendly to at least give an error message, or some other form of feedback that the user has reached the maximum number of program lines.
Thank you for those examples Thomas. It's still not very intuitive to use command prompt commands to create a ddf file, so I hope there is going to be a simpler way to create new files.
Wish List / Disabled dropbox items
August 09, 2018, 08:57:28 AM
Sometimes a user should be able to see the choice in a dropbox, but not be able to choose that option.
It could be that the choice needs to be in there for historic purposes or that a combination of settings allows it to be seen but not chosen.

Could it be possible build in a feature that disables dropbox choices?
Wish List / Create new ddf from datadictionary window
August 09, 2018, 08:00:27 AM
At the moment it's not possible to create a new ddf and dde from the Data Dictionary Maintenance window.
I really miss this option, I usually need to find and copy/paste an empty providex.ddf/dde to the new folder, or empty out an existing one.

Could there please be an option to create a new providex.dde/ddf from the Data Dictionary Maintenance menu?
* I mean creating a new ddf/dde and choosing the desired folder.
Wish List / Nomads+ pointer tool
August 09, 2018, 06:31:37 AM
The Nomads+ interface style is pretty much the quickest and best way to completely restyle a panel, as well as THE way to create full hd panels. One of the things that is really hindering me in my work is the way the 'Group items' tool works.

The group items tool does exactly what it's supposed to do, it groups items and the selection process is pretty good. It doesn't matter where you start dragging the selection, it always does what you want it to do, until you want to select a single control.
Selecting a single control with the group items tool is a bit of a hassle, usually I tend to double click on a control to select it (double clicking draws the selecting lines and selects the control instantly). While doing so, Nomads expects that I want to edit the control via the properties window, though a lot of times I just want to move the control around.
Of course I can select the single control by dragging a selection, but I can't do that if there is another control behind it.
At the moment the way I do this is to quickly switch to a different control tool (for example the Button control tool). This way I can select a single control(I often forget I have it selected and end up drawing a massive button.).

The pointer tool however does exactly what I'd expect out of a selection tool.

The only thing the pointer tool is bad at is starting a selection on a control. It tends to select the control where you start dragging the selection, which can be annoying at times.
Could it be possible to get the best of both worlds in a new pointer/group items tool? The selection ability from the group items tool and the rest of the functionality that the pointer tool offers.
Also, the property sheets interface highlights the Pointer tool on startup, while the Nomads+ highlights the Button tool. From a usability standpoint it would be better to also highlight the Group items tool first. The tab order would be a possible issue here, maybe the button for the tool would have to be shifted to the left for it to be effective.
Wish List / ED+ shortcuts
August 09, 2018, 06:28:49 AM
A number of shortcut options are missing from the ED+ editor if you compare it to IT.
For instance the CTRL+N (New program), CTRL+P (print) and CTRL+G (goto label or line-number).

Especially the CTRL+G and CTRL+N are shortcuts we really miss in the editor. Could the ED+ get the same shortcut options as IT?
My example was meant to return the content of a grid cell.
The code example does do the trick, I'll send this to my colleague so he can try this in his program.
Wish List / Re: More controls on Nomads panels
August 09, 2018, 04:28:13 AM
Thank you for looking into this. I think the solution that limits the concurrent panels but can hold more controls on a single panel sounds good.
The suggestions for lowering the total number of control objects are interesting, I'll look into them.