ERR=61 trying to create a file in Windows C:/TMP/

Started by Lawrence_Leavell, November 14, 2019, 11:38:37 AM

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I just installed a new PC with Windx.  All of the workstations make heavy use of sending files to the PC Workstation and we use C:/tmp/ for this purpose to receive the files. 

This new workstation generate an ERR=61 whenever we try to write to the PC:


This fails.  We have removed all virus programs, turned off the firewall, and checked and rechecked the permissions on the disk and folder.  What are we missing?

Devon Austen

An error 61 usually indicates an licensing issue.

Did you install the WindX plug-in or PxPlus on the WindX client?

Was the WindX a clean install to a new/empty directory?
Principal Software Engineer for PVX Plus Technologies LTD.



check the WindX security

to reset:  press ctrl+shift+insert