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slowing down an ODBC query


Jeffrey Ferreira:
Hi All,

we are having an issue whereby when a user does a power bi query against our pxplus data via odbc it really can slow down performance for everyone else. Does anyone know of a way i can slow down/throttle pxpiosrv. Or maybe some other solution.


Devon Austen:
The PxPlus SQL ODBC driver has some options that may help.

Goto the Options tab of the DSN setup page for the PxPlus ODBC client install. There you will find two options that may help.

Dirty Read - Check box for Dirty Read mode of operation to skip the normal file consistency checks.

                   Dirty reads can speed file processing by reducing the number of locks issued against a file. However, this may result in inconsistent data should the file be updated while being read by
                   the PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver.

Burst mode - Check box to enable Burst mode. This helps reduce some of the overhead created by temporary locks.

                      With Burst mode set, the PxPlus SQL ODBC Driver locks the file header for either 50 file operations or three-tenths of a second, whichever occurs first. This decreases the number of
                      times the file must be locked and the number of times that internal buffers may need to be reloaded. Refer to the next paragraph below for an explanation on the effect of temporary

I suspect dirty reads may be of the most help to you.

Jeffrey Ferreira:
Thank you Devon. i will ask the customer if they would be partial to the Dirty Read.


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