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Serius I complete missing undesrtand odbc


ODBC let i setting and test and sad connection successful but just i close odbc32 and open again and to configuration of dns now sad connections failed, so  tried  differents options and i dont get  this works..... even i change setting of odbc on mas90 to let access tables and fields, i created a special user to give access all tables and fields, is strange because is not when run some sql is just login so i thinking is not on setting of odbc on mas90.... you can see on attach first to is when i setting odbc and last 2 image is after re open odbc, not change nothing just ask connect again..

why is so difficult to work with this odbc..... I read a lot of links a documentations and nothing....

Different odbc version...

For starters, you could enable debugging to see if there's a difference the 1st and 2nd time you connect.  Also, this appears to be a rather old version of the ODBC driver as it says 'ProvideX' in the title bar ?

Mike King:
Edias is correct.  This appears to be the ProvideX ODBC driver as sold and supported by Sage with their MAS90 accounting package. 

If the issues you are having are relative accessing MAS90 data you should contact Sage for assistance as their ODBC driver is different than the drivers for PxPlus.


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