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odbc let connect but not accept user login


Hello odbc pvx is connect to database but not let me login the user sad user invalid user / password
but show me the users to select user.....

what can be fact don't let me login....
you can see on attachs....

Devon Austen:
From the documentation:

--- Quote ---on Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 systems and passwords will not be validated and should not be used.
--- End quote ---

I think that you just need to leave the password field blank based on the documentation.

Thanks works..

Sorry if ask some more about this, It let me connect to data base i created a Combobox to get the catalog from database but when i run query sad error no data dictionary fond, but is strange show me all tables names..

you can see on attaches..

This the first error show up


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