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I tried to config odbc driver 7.1 to connect local machine but always send error on catalog on documentation sad only remote access server

Name of catalog. A catalog defines a remote data dictionary and/or INI file and optionally a prefix. A maximum number of 256 catalogs may be defined

on screen you don't see any example of catalog how to config odbc....

thanks any help be great...


Devon Austen:
Make sure the Server Name or IP, port, and catalog fields are empty. If accessing local data they should not have a value because you don't need to connect to the server. Then make sure you define the path to the Data Dictionary on the first tab.

If you still have issues you can reply to this post with your connection string (found on the debug tab). That may help us understand the issue. Just make sure to strip out and usernames and passwords.

Please try to avoid creating multiple posts for the same topic. I will delete the other posts to avoid confusion.

Thanks so much let me tried to connect why they don't put that on documentation...


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