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hello All,

we are trying to query data from a view in excel and we are getting this error (attached in the screenshot).

The thing is that when we try the query from Excel to the same file from which the view was created, we can access the data.

What could be happening?

we are using a Pxplus Sql ODBC Driver Version 7 and Pxplus Version 19.1

Devon Austen:
Views require special configuration so the ODBC driver knows where it can find the DLL to process the view.

Check out this answer in the PxPlus ODBC FAQ:

Hopefully that will help.

Note that the PxPlus where the pvxwin32.dll is found needs to be properly activated for this to work.

Hi devon,

 thanks for your answer, we did that setup, in fact we have other views that work without errors, but this one has that error.

Devon Austen:
I would check that the data in the tables in the problem view fits within the field size defined in the data dictionary. I think I have seen errors like this before when the data in the table that makes up the view is incorrect.

thanks, i'll check it out


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