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Author Topic: sorry for topic where is the catalog on odbc  (Read 2311 times)


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sorry for topic where is the catalog on odbc
« on: January 06, 2023, 12:26:14 PM »
Hi sorry for the question i created some dictionary and see what files create and witch doesn't create too, to config odbc ask need catalog documentation just sad ini file but on folder we created ddf not cerate any ini file where is create that or where is catalog when created dictionary i don't see any field witch reference to catalog, please somebody cam  explain me that please....

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Re: sorry for topic where is the catalog on odbc
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2023, 09:44:35 AM »
When defining a catalog you can specify just a data dictionary. You can leave the ini field blank if you have no INI defining files.

What you specify in the data dictionary field is the path to the providex.ddf file that got created when you created a dictionary. This will be in your application directory likely with your other program files and data files.

For example if the DDF is located at C:\myapp\data\providex.ddf, then use C:\myapp\data.

The catalog is just telling the PxPlus SQL server where the data is. Defining it on the server means clients don't have to know where the data is and just point to a catalog to access the data defined in it.

Make sure the PxPlus SQL ODBC driver is the same version as the PxPlus SQL Server for compatibility. Older versions did not use the catalog and won't have the field.
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